Hello lovelies! My name is Alex Jordan and I appreciate you joining me my my site launch today! I have a lot of great things in store & I look forward to creating fun content for you.

So a little bit about me. I am 24 years old and was born & raised in the DMV area (PG County what’s good?!) I stand so tall and so proud at 5’11”, have been modeling since I was 12 years old, and I am obsessed with all things Fashion (and all things Snapchat filters, obviously haha).

So with all of that said, Fashion from the perspective of a Tall Black Woman is what this blog will mainly be focusing on. I plan to share from the beauty and lifestyle angles as well. Was you can see, I have natural hair, and I am a fan of living a healthy and fit lifestyle as much as I can. So along with some short essays and fun articles for you to read, I will also be recording some how-to videos as much as possible.

*side note: I know this intro post was supposed to be in video form, however my first recording would not post & then was lost in the sauce somehow. Then, I am currently working on moving out of my parents’ house, so my bedroom/recording studio is a hot fiery mess right now. Long story short, ya’ll will get some videos later! I promise!

So to tie it all in, my site is simply all about life and growth. It’s where I’ll share my passions, my opinions, and my obsessions. I am very quirky, awkward, nerdy, and sometimes fancy. I am constantly learning & reading new things and this blog will also serve as my chance to share new knowledge with you too.

So here it is! It’s lit! Welcome to the site lovelies!



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