My Top 10 Favorites from “Warm Vibes & Summer Nights”

Hello lovelies!

Okay, so if you are an avid podcast listener, Tumblr reader, and/or major YouTube watcher like I am, then you may already be familiar with the one they call HeyFranHey. She is a health and lifestyle guru, blogger, and social media personality, and I am a major fan of hers. She has her own blog through Tumblr, a YouTube channel, and is a part of 2 different podcast trios, The Friend Zone and Color Full Lives.

Just a few weeks ago, Fran dropped an amazing playlist called “Warm Vibes & Summer Nights” that she curated through Spotify. This is a very big deal because never has the music company allowed a social media personality to do anything like this before. And as expected, the playlist is AMAZING and a complete hit! The playlist consists of 33 full songs and 6 short interludes from Fran herself.

I love it so much!

Like I’ve mentioned previously, though I am new at it, I want to learn more and share more about mental wellness. Always the first thing I think of when it comes to self care is good music. Now even though I love music, I have never been very good at discovering new music on my own. So this playlist I appreciate because it is an excellent starting point for discovering young artists of color. I literally only knew 2-3 people/groups on this whole list before listening, that’s how new it is for me. And I’m here for it!

With all of that said, I’ve decided to create a list of my 10 personal favorites from WV&SN. Now please note, this is not a typical “top 10” list, because literally every song on this list was amazing and I don’t believe any of them were truly “better” than another. This list is based purely on what resonated with me as an individual…

So here we go!


# 10: RUSH by Roses Gabor

I love this song because it is super melodic with hints of hip hop and futurism in the beats and electro sounds in the background.

The lyrics remind me of young love during the summer time. I’ve only ever been in love once, and I was 17 soon to turn 18 and it was summer time. It was a time that was light, airy, careless, and fun… So yea this songs takes be back there easily.

(And can I mention that this woman is GORGEOUS. Just peep that album art!)


#9: TOO DEEP by dvsn

This is seriously a hot ass song. It has a super sexy sensual vibe that I love, and the base is SERIOUS. I put this song on in my car (my volume stays turned up), and I promise my car lifted off the ground a couple times!

I also really like the throwback vibe in the sense that it has that secular choral sound throughout the song. It vaguely reminds me of the same technique that was used in Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”or Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”. So yeah, that’s very cool indeed.


#8: RED RUM MELODY by Tiffany Gouche

Now this song right here is a serious baby maker indeed. I am so glad I am single, because I need not be near nobody when this comes on, it’s that good. It’s dark, and mysterious, and super sexy indeed. Also, a serious base line, which obviously I live for.

So lights some candles, shave your legs, put on the lacy joints, pour a glass/shot, this song will get anyone in the mood…


#7: CUT OFF by Musinah

When we hear the words “break up songs” these days most people probably think of your Lemonades, your Should’ve Cheateds, your Blame It On Mes… But I love this song because it touches on a break up a slightly less angry POV.

A lot of the time, we all try to act all tough like I’m over him and I didn’t need him and he’s trash, etc etc etc… However, in this song, the singer makes it clear that she’s definitely done and he’ll never come back, but she doesn’t ignore the fact that yeah unfortunately she still loves him even now that they’re apart. That’s real.

I went through a break-up pretty recently and regardless of everything, feelings are hard to get rid of. This song truly speaks to me, every single word. This is probably the most chill and most real break-up song I’ve heard since basically half of Mary J. Blige’s work.


#6: MERMAID SONG by India Shawn

Okay so this song is crazy, but I mean that in the best way possible. When you really pay attention what you’re listening to, she is telling a wild story. I can easily picture the events as she sings about them. (Did you notice that someone loses and/or receives breath in every verse?)

The main reason why I love books and movies so much is because they tell such amazing stories. This song I would include in that category. Just 2 minutes and some change long, this song is a tragic story of love and loss camouflaged by a gorgeous voice and fantastic instrumentals.


#5: LOWKEY by Rochelle Jordan

The throwback 90’s flair of this song instantly clicked with me. The sound took me straight back to the best songs of my childhood. Especially because her musical style is very reminiscent of Aaliyah to me. It’s perfection. Nothing much more to say…

Except that the base is also ON POINT!



This is the final song of the playlist, and I think it was an excellent choice to save for last! I understand why these ladies go by the name KING, because their voices are regal indeed. They sound so light and ethereal, and the harmonizing is certainly on point. I literally would sleep on a pillow made from these ladies’ voices, it’s that good.

And even though this is a very soft and somewhat slow paced song, it also includes one of my favorite things in a song: a very strong base.


#3: GIMME ALL YOUR LOVE by Alabama Shakes

The fact that this is a slow song that still starts on 100! No seriously, as soon as I hear those guitars come in, I’m just like YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

This is the only song on the entire playlist that I had already heard. I love that this song takes me up and down smoothly and consistently, it speeds up for the hook, and brings it right back down at the end… Basically, this song will take you on a trip.

There isn’t much to say about why I love this song. It’s Alabama Shakes. They are perfect. It’s a simple as that really.


#2: EVER AFTER by Emily King

This song right here is absolutely adorable! I am not a song writer in no way, shape, or form. But every once and a while, I come across a song that I feel like I would’ve written if I were a song writer (if that makes any sense). Basically, this song if definitely about me LOL

If I were to have a romantic comedy or coming-of-age movie about me or someone like me made, this would easily be the theme song and first song on the soundtrack. It’s a happy and upbeat song, with still a very important message. It’s a very glass-half-full kind of song and I absolutely LOVE IT.


#1: LA BREA by Alex Isley

This song I chose as the number one because not only do I identify with it in my current stage of life, but I feel like many many others could be inspired by it as well, especially us creatives. It is a simple message of knowing that your future may seem scary, but you have made it this far and you have a great ways to go, so do not give up no matter what.

I love this song because many of us have dreams that we want to achieve, but the world around us makes it very hard to not get discouraged. There are many pressure to look, sound, and act a certain way and to know certain things, but none of us are perfect people. None of know everything. And life’s possibilities are endless.

This is a day and age where we have no choice to take any and all chances. There is nothing that nobody can’t do. The lid is off, we just have to go ahead and make that leap. The future is waiting. “You’re in for such a beautiful ride…”


So that’s my list! Before I close out I wanted to add some Honorable Mentions:


I hope you all enjoyed the list! And if your haven’t heard this playlist yet, I certainly encourage you to log on to Spotify and listen to it right now, you won’t regret it!

If have listened already, what were your favorite songs? Did any of them make the list? Please leave a comment below!


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