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12 Halloween Ideas for Black People 2016

Hello Lovelies!

So Halloween is fast approaching and it crunch time getting these costumes together. Today I wanted to share a quick list of 12 cool costume ideas for Halloween that Black individuals, couples, groups, kids, and families can wear this year. So here we go:


1. Sexy Black Panthers

“Okay ladies now let’s get in Formation…” Yes Queen Bey made the Black Panther Party look hot all over again with her modern day rendition for her Superbowl dancers. A perfect group look that can be pretty easy and inexpensive to put together. all you need is black, black, and some more black.


2. The Knowles Sisters

Speaking of Formation, as everyone knows, 2016 has been a HUGE musical year for both of Ms Tina’s daughters. First Beyonce’s Lemonade, and most recently Solange’s A Seat At The Table. Not only were both album chock full of Black Girl Magic, but he visuals alone for each were phenomenal. I think inspiration from both women leaves a lot of room for “costume” ideas this Halloween; you can be a duo as both sisters, or do any type of group look with your girls.


3. Barack and Michelle Obama

The closer we get to 2107 the more depressed I become because we are going to lose the greatest presidential family that the country has ever seen. This year also birthed the premier of the amazing film “Southside With You.” So this year you and bae should totally go as the POTUS and FLOTUS . Family costumes (and kids costumes lol) are also an option here.




4. One of Kanye West’s Yeezy Models

Yes that’s right, Kanye’s homeless couture. So this costume idea is probably the easiest and most comfortable of the whole list. All you need are tan sweats and t-shirts with holes in it that can easily be found at your local thrift store. This is great for men and women of all races actually, and works well as an individual, duo, or group.


5. Black TV Titans: Cookie, Olivia, and Annalise

This idea is really a 3-in-1, all of the leading ladies from my/our favorite shows. These options are often chic and very open-ended so easy to put together, and can be inexpensive to put together. (Bonus is that they all wear coats, so if you’re in a cold weather state, you can stay warm while you’re out!)

Shout out to the queens Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis!


6. Black-ish

Speaking of leading black ladies on TV, I can’t forget my boo Tracee Ellis-Ross. And while we are at it let’s include the whole cast! Black-ish is one of my top favorite shows right now, and I think this group is perfect for a family Halloween look. Also easy to put together because it is mostly regular clothes.


7. Musical Greats

This year and every year it is always a great idea to dress as some of our fallen heroes in black history in every kind of industry. A great example for guys are Biggie Smalls and Tupac; shout to my friend Brian (@mr_bqc) and Jhustin (@_jayhuey) for killing the game! Costumes like these can be easily put together just with the items in your closet, a big money saver.



8. Michonne

Now you know I have to hold it down for my girls with locs. I am a big The Walking Dead fan, and I am a HUGE Michonne stan. This costume idea is quick to put together; items can probably be found at your local thrift store. You can also make this a group look by having friends dress as her zombies, or as other characters form the show.


9. [Black] Hermione

Let’s take this one nerdy step further. 2016 was a huge year for “Blerds” everywhere when award-winning actress Noma Dumezweni was cast as Hermoine for the London stage play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” Thanks to super woke author JK Rowling the bigots could get their hands on all of the Black Girl Magic (literally haha) “Brown eyes, frizzy hair, and very clever. White skin was never specified. Rowling love black Hermione.”

This is fun costume and easy to achieve, just be a black girl or woman in a Hogwarts uniform rocking those natural curls. Done deal.


10. The Girl Iron Man

Another 2016 win for Blerds and Black Girl Magic: Riri Williams. The 15-year-old MIT prodigy mentored by Tony Stark himself instantly grabbed at all of our hearts the instant that the first comic art was released by Marvel.

This a pretty simple look, easy to put together. All you need is black leggings and a red crop top. Decorate with a homemade “electromagnet” on the chest, grab an Iron Man mask from your local toy store, and there you have it!


11. Steven Universe’s Connie and/or Stevonnie

Here’s one more idea for my nerds out there. Steven’s love interest is a super dope idea to dress as for young girls and women, black and brown ladies alike. She’s super adorable and has a lot of looks to choose from. Plus if you’re a gal in an interracial relationship, this is the perfect time to force your bf to dress as Steven and do theme costumes with you!

And if you’re a little taller (like myself *winky face*) you can dress as Stevonnie, Steven and Connie’s fusion. She is also gorgeous with ton’s of great looks. I know pet costumes for dogs are popular as well, why not dress up your pooch as Lion? Hmm ijs…


12. Black Olympians

Last but certainly not least! Everyone knows that 2016 was a HUGE year for black Olympians all over the world, especially in the United States! I think dressing as Black Olympians is the ultimate costume ides, because there are so many options! Every age and gender can do it, plus the option to be an individual or group. Plus if you are already an athlete yourself, you can pair your own athletic wear with some gear from and call it a day. Just pick one athlete, any one, it’s that easy!


So there it is! Hope this list gave you some good ideas for this year! Are there any other ideas that I missed? What will you be dressed as this yer? Leave a comment below!


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